What Is the GitHub Social Circle and How You Can Create One?

The GitHub Social Circle took Twitter by storm in August 2022. Top developers and creators such as Eddie Jaoude (GitHub Star 2020, Founder of EddieHub) and Kunal Kushwaha (Founder of Community Classroom) were sharing their GitHub Social Circles and demoing the features of Sema along with thousands of programmers on various social media platforms.

But how can you create your own GitHub Social Circle with Sema?




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What Is Sema?

Sema is a code review tool available as a Google Chrome Extension that helps you improve your code quality and generate GitHub Social Circle. It is observed that code reviews can be exhausting, time-consuming, and drive your attention away from the real problem at hand.

Sema addresses these gaps with powerful features:

  • Sema Snippets improves your code reviews by providing instant standardized, high-quality feedback, identifying design flaws, and improving developer interactions.
  • Sema auto-generates summaries (icons and messages) based on the code review. A trophy is generated for high-quality code, a good mark for production-ready code, a question mark in case more clarification is needed, and a tool icon if the code needs to be fixed.
  • Sema also auto-generates tags that describe your code. There are seven pairs of tags, each containing one positive and one constructive feedback. For example, you can choose if the code is readable/unreadable, efficient/inefficient, reusable/non-reusable, and more.
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