How to Disable Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant is the default digital assistant that comes integrated into the Google app pre-installed on all Android phones. While some people use it regularly, others not so much.

In this guide, we’ll see how you can turn off Google Assistant on your Android phone. We’ll also see how to delete your saved Voice Match profile for extra privacy. Let’s get started.


Why You Should Turn Off Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a useful feature, but not everyone finds it amusing. There could be several reasons for this. For one, if you prefer doing things manually, there’s no point keeping Google Assistant turned on as it’ll drain battery life and hog processing power of your phone.

There’s also a matter of privacy for people who feel uneasy knowing that Google is always listening to you. If you’re one of those people, it’s best to turn the Assistant off for your peace of mind. As a result, this will also help in stopping your phone from tracking you.

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